Precision Pre-Crimped Space Opening Screens

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Space Opening Weaves are specified by the actual opening dimension (usually in inches) between  adjacent parallel wires followed with a selection of available wire diameters arranged from the smallest up to the largest wire diameters available to maintain the opening (space) dimension.

The smaller wires are selected for light duty applications the provide greater open area that allow more throughput (production) although as the open area increases the screen strength/load capacity is reduced proportionately.

As the wire diameter increases the load capacity (service life) increases while the throughput (production capacity) is reduced proportionally while the open area decreases.

The tables below indicate the most popular 'space' opening sizes. Click on the opening range that best suits your requirement. The next table provides a selection of wire diameters indicating the various open area possibilities.

To view the suggested openings and wire sizes, click here.

High Carbon Abrasion Resistant Steel

Table 1 1   Minimum  Opening   0..093" Maximum  Opening   0.625"

Table 2e  2

Minimum  Opening 0.750" Maximum Opening   6.000"

Stainless Steel

Table  1   Minimum  Opening   0..093" Maximum  Opening   0.625"
Table  2 Minimum  Opening 0.750" Maximum Opening   6.000"
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