Stainless Steel Wire Cloth Technical Reference Index             
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  Chemical Compositions of Stainless Steel
  Chemical analysis of the most popular Stainless Steel Wire grades.
  Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steel
  Stainless Steel Laboratory corrosion data provided for the commonly utilized grades of stainless steel against chemicals and substances ranging from A thru Z.
  Stainless Steel Screen Maintenance & Cleaning Procedures
  The cleanliness of stainless steel mesh is essential for maximum resistance to corrosion.  
  Stainless Steel Wire Properties
  Stainless Steel Standards - Table 1
  Stainless Steel Standards - Table 2
  Stainless Steel Standards - Table 3
  Stainless Steel Standards - Table 4
  International Weaving Wire Standards
Woven Wire Product Standards.
  European and Asian Wire and Woven Wire Product Standards
  Predominately utilized for wire cloth intended for use in European and Asian Countries.
  Federal Specification Wire Fabric, Industrial
  NAICS Codes
  For both woven wire and wire mesh products.
  North American Wire and Woven Wire Product Standards
  These standards are commonly adhered to by wire weavers throughout North America in addition to European and Asian weavers who produce wire cloth for products marketed or utilized within the Northern Hemisphere.
  US Wire Cloth Standards
  List of the current North American weaving standards, including some brief background history and their continuing evolution.
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