Rat Mesh is utilized for the reinforcement of corrugated boxes containg live laboratory specimens

Rat Mesh, Wire Reinforcement Screens

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Rat reinforcement mesh is applied to the interior of corrugated boxes utilized for laboratory animal shipping containers.  The mesh can prevent catastrophic container failure due to water spillage, urination or defecation (wet excrement). Rat mesh also discourages chew outs.
Product Description:   Rat Mesh Wire Reinforcement Cloth
Weave Type:   Plain Weave
Weaving Standard:   ANSI / AWCI-01,  1992
Mesh Count:

  12 x 12

Wire Diameter:   0.009" (0.2286mm)
Aperture:   0.0743"  (1.888mm)
Open Area:   79.5%
Weight:   0.0545 Lbs/sq ft
Material:   Low Carbon Steel
Material Standard:   ANSI / ASTM
Coating:  Dark Epoxy
1024 x 768 pixel screen display required for actual size.

12 x 12 Mesh, 0.009" Charcoal Epoxy Steel Wire Cloth

The view above is actually 1.00" x 1.00", enlarged to show detail.

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