Small Opening Insect Screens
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If your goal is excluding small insects, you should select a small opening insect screen.
Data Sheet  Meshes Per Linear Inch  Wire Diameter Width of Opening Open Area Pounds Per Square Foot
T-304 T-316 Inches M.M. Inches Microns
PDS PDS 62 Mesh 0.0045" 0.1143 0.01163 295.3 52% 0.085
PDS PDS 66 Mesh 0.0040" 0.1016 0.0115 283.2 49.4% 0.090
PDS PDS 70 Mesh 0.0037" 0.09398 0.1058 268.8 54.9% 0.065
PDS PDS 72 Mesh 0.0037 0.09398 0.10018 258.7 53.8% 0.066
PDS PDS 78 Mesh 0.0037" 0.09398 0.0091 231.6 50.6% 0.072
PDS PDS 80 Mesh 0.0037" 0.09398 0.0088` 223.5 49.6% 0.074
When selecting the opening specification one very important aspect should be considered, the 'Diagonal Length' of the opening. The diagonal length is considerably larger than the width. To view the diagonal length click on the PDS link of the adjacent Mesh count
Insects have three main body parts, the head, the Thorax and the Abdomen.  The head is  smaller than the Thorax or the Abdomen. When an insect approaches an obstacle, crack or any type of  restricted opening (such as an insect exclusion screen) the head is the first part that is inserted (unless the intent is laying eggs) or attempted to insert, once the head succeeds in passing through the restriction the insect now believing  the passage is possible, no effort will be spared to complete the task.
The intruder will then attempt to insert its legs in order to pull the Thorax (to which the legs are attached) into the crevice, crack or restriction. If the legs fail to pass through the restriction, the insect will continue the effort by removing and reinserting its head while rotating (or vibrating) its Thorax and Abdomen making multiple attempts to pass through the restriction at every possible angle of approach 
Assuming the Thorax achieves passage (more likely after the legs have been sheared or chewed off) the Abdomen being the ultimate challenge, may unfortunately be sacrificed and left behind......insect suicide. (Insecticide)
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