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Polyurethane screening surfaces have been in use for many years and have proven to be generally economical due to the long wear life and low maintenance requirements. The extended life is attributed to the SUPERIOR CUT, TEAR AND ABRASION RESISTANCE of polyurethane. The wear life is enhanced by the polymers flexibility, which returns some of the impact energy imparted by the vibrating media.

Flowmax offers major advantages over all other Modular Polyurethane Systems,


  • Modular Sections

  • Maximum Open Area

  • Superior Fastening

  • Flat or Crowned Deck

  • No Deck Modifications

  • Tensionable Systems

While Polyurethane screening systems have gained acceptance in the industry, selection has been limited to systems requiring radical deck modifications or inefficient, costly one piece screens plagued by premature failure.

Flowmax is the Modular Solution.

Individual Flowmax Modules are 12" wide x 24" long, allowing the best use of available area in conjunction with optimum efficiency in replacement and maintenance.

Flowmax's patented fastening method provides substantial locking area, assuring reliable holding strength. There are no pins, plugs, or other loose parts required.

There are no hidden costs either at time of purchase, or down the road.

Because of superior design, borders around the modules perimeter are smaller than any competitive product.

This increased open area translates to more throughput for your screening process.

Only Flowmax Polyurethane systems offer the combination of both tensionable and modular screens.

Our complete Flowmax tensionable system can be removed and replaced with standard wire screens or another Flowmax system quickly. Frequent spec changes present no problem.

As well as the standard tensionable system, Flowmax can be installed as a permanent flat deck, in sieve bends, trommels, or almost any other configuration.

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