Galvanized Steel Insect Screen
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Galvanized Steel insect and fly screening is suitable for applications requiring durability when appearance is not a major factor.  It may be cut or trimmed with scissors or light weight sheet metal hand shears.  This material performs well with children and small pets.

Data Sheet

Openings Per Inch

Screen Opening

Wire Diameter

Open Area





PDS 18 x 14

0.0445" x 0.0515"

1.13 x 1.30





Please Note: Galvanized screen mesh (either hot dip galvanized after or electo-galvanized before) will have exposed bare metal if sawed or sheared to alter the mesh shape or dimension. This exposure will result in moisture migration (wicking) between the layer of zinc and the bare steel wire beneath.. If left exposed (untreated) over time the moisture will continue to travel between the layers as it continues to rust although not visible the rust damage will continue to grow slowly over time until it fails completely and will need to be replaced.  This hidden damage can be prevented by applying a generous layer of zinc rich paint that may be applied by brush or spray to seal any exposed bare metal.

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