Combined Mesh Specification Groups
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Mesh designates the number of openings (Mesh Count a/k/a Mesh Number)  and fractional parts of an opening, per lineal inch. Mesh is determined by counting the number of openings from the center of any wire to the center of a parallel wire, one inch in distance.

When the point one inch distant from the center of a wire falls between wires within an opening, the mesh count is expressed as a fraction.

The Mesh specifications in this section were combined from the primary product groups including Fine Mesh, Bolting Cloth, Mill Grade, Market Grade and Heavy Market Grade.
There are usually two or more different wire diameters available in any given Mesh Count..
Considering the wire diameter utilized with any given Mesh as it will effect the Opening Size, Open Area, Weight, and the product cost, the best screening results are assured by specifying the wire diameter in conjunction with the Mesh Count.
The particular specifications selected for listing in the Combined Mesh section are those listed in at least two or more standard product groups and are arranged in ascending order according to the mesh count (number of openings per linear inch)
The table index of Mesh Counts provided below are each linked to a page of specifications, all having the identical number of meshes per linear inch. The various individual specifications are established by the range of wire diameters that are suitable for weaving in the given mesh count.
Please Select A Mesh Count
2 14 32 100
3 16 35 110
4 18 38 120
5 20 40 130
6 22 45 150
7 24 50 160
8 26 60 200
10 28 70 230
12 30 80  
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