Popular Method to Hem a Wire Mesh Panel
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The Reason For Hemming Wire Mesh
Hems are commonly used to re-enforce the edges of wire mesh, hide imperfections and provide a safer (smother)  edge to handle.  When a design calls for a safe, even edge the added cost of material and processing of a hem is often preferable to other wire mesh edge treating processes.  Doubling a hem can create an edge perfectly safe to be handled without regard for the initial wire mesh edge quality. 
       This Shape is also referred to as a "Double Fold"
Hems can even be used to double the thickness of wire mesh in areas of a part which may require extra support. 
How Wire Mesh is Hemmed
The term hemming has its origins in wire cloth fabrication where the edge of the mesh is folded back on (over) itself and then flattened (coined) shut. 
  The most common Wire Mesh Hem is the "Single Folded Flat Hem"
When working with a Brake Press (often referred to as a "Press Brake") hems are always created in a two step process:
  1. Create a bend with Acute Angle Tooling in the mesh, 30 is preferable but 45 will work for some circumstances.
  2. Place the acute bend under a flattening bar and apply enough pressure to finish closing the wire mesh bend.
The first step is done the same as any regular acute angle bend.  The second stage of the hemming process requires some additional know how on the part of the Brake Press operator and tool designer because the angle of the wire mesh, the flattening bar wants to slide down and away from the wire mesh material.  In addition the work piece wants to slide out from between the bars.  These two forces are known as thrust forces.
This requires that the flattening die be designed to withstand the thrust forces and remain flat.  In addition it requires that the operator put a forward force against the wire mesh to prevent it from sliding out of the die.  These forces are most prominent on thicker work pieces with shorter flanges. 
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