Miscellaneous International Wire Standards
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Information shown below was provided by Chinese sources such as International Trade Organizations, Trade Publications and the International Public Domain. This information may conflict with Governing US and European Standards. Certain portions shown below could be inaccurate misinterpretations as they were interpreted from Chinese text.   Please use at your own risk
Taiwan Province Stainless Steel Wire Standards:
CNS G3067-86: For stainless steel rods
CNS G3199-88: for heat-resistant steel bar
CNS G3077-86: for stainless steel wire rod
CNS G3076-86: for stainless steel wire
CNS G3189-87: for cold stainless steel wire
CNS G3190-88: for welding stainless steel wire
CNS G3161-86: for spring with stainless steel wire
Japanese stainless steel wire standards
JIS G4303-98: for stainless steel rods
JIS G4311-91: for heat-resistant steel bar
JIS G4309-94: for stainless steel wire
JIS G4314-94: for spring with stainless steel wire
JIS G4315-94: for cold stainless steel wire
JIS T6103-94: dental stainless steel wire
JIS Z3321-89: stainless steel welding electrodes
JIS Z3321-85: stainless steel welding rod and wire
JIS Z3324-88: stainless steel welding rod and Flux
Stainless Steel Wire Standards in Other Countries and Organizations:
DIN 17224-84 (Germany)
BS 1554-1990 (UK)
P-Г 0CT18143-72 (the former Soviet Union)
NF A35-577-90 (France)
UNI 6901-71 (Italy)
KS D3703-1992 (South Korea)
SS 142332 (1991) (Sweden)
NS 14480 (84) (Norway)
IS 6528-72 (India)
CSA G110.3 (Canada)
EN 151 (1986) (EU)
 ISO 6931-1-1994 (ISO)
China’s Current Standard of Stainless Steel Wire:
GB/T4240-93 stainless steel wire standard
GB/T4240-93 Standard is for the classification of stainless steel wire, brands, size, shape, technical requirements, testing methods, inspection rules, packaging, labeling and quality certificates. This standard applies to stainless steel wire, but does not apply to spring, cold treatment with stainless steel wire and welding.
Commonly Used Marks in China With Comparisons:
301:1Cr17Ni7: for spring
302:1Cr18Ni9: for spring
302HQ: 0Cr18Ni9Cu3: for cold heading with good performance
303: Y1Cr18Ni9 for precision shaft
304: 0Cr18Ni9: general steel
304M: 0Cr18Ni9, Ni 9.0% -10.0%: for rivets
304H: 0Cr18Ni9: C 0.05% -0.08%: high strength
304N: 0Cr18Ni9N: increased strength
304HC: 0Cr18Ni9Cu2: lower magnetic and improved corrosion resistance, for rivet
304L: 00Cr18Ni10
305: 1Cr18Ni12: non-magnetic
308: 0Cr21Ni12: for welding
309: 0Cr24Ni13: for welding
310: 0Cr25Ni20: Heat and corrosion-resistant, stable at temperature 1100 ℃
314: 0Cr25Ni20Si2: heat and corrosion-resistant, stable at temperature 1150 ℃
316: 0Cr17Ni12Mo2: plus Mo, anti-chloride corrosion
316L: 00Cr17Ni14Mo2: anti-corrosive hydrogen sulfide
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