Municipal Water Storage Tank Ventilation
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Above ground storage tanks must be ventilated to allow inward and outward air flow to compensate for the discharge and intake of water according to the supply demands as required by the municipal consumption of water. The screens must allow substantial air flow to prevent storage tank cavitations. Another important function of water tank vent screens is to prevent entry of insects and air borne debris into the drinking water supply.

Chlorine is commonly utilized in municipal water treatment facilities.

These tables provide information based on laboratory tests of the more popular Stainless Steel grades utilized in wire cloth weaving.
Results should only be considered as a guide to the potential service life of woven wire cloth screens.
Secondary fabrication such as welding, soldering, brazing or heat treat processes may have adverse effects on screen life.
A Recommended
A* Recommended, pitting may result under certain conditions.
B Subject to light chemical attack, use with care.
B* Subject to light chemical attack, pitting may result under certain conditions.
C Material was chemically attacked, not recommended.
N Material not tested, no results available
Chemical / Substance Temp. F 302/304 316 430
Calcium Carbonate 70 A A A
Calcium Chlorate
Dilute Solution 70 A A N
Dilute Solution Hot A A N
Calcium Chloride
Dilute Solution 70 A* A* B*
Concentrated Solution 70 A* A* B*
Calcium Hydroxide
10% Boiling A A N
20% Boiling A A N
50% Boiling B A N
Calcium Hypochlorite 2% 70 A* A* B*
Calcium Sulphate
Saturated 70 A A A
Carbolic Acid
CP 70 A A A
CP Hot A A A
Carbonated Water
Carbonic Acid Cold-Hot A A A
Carbon Bisulphide 70 A A A
Carbon Monoxide Gas 1400 A A A
1600 A A A
Carbon Tetrachloride
CP (Dry) 70 A A A
CP (Dry) Boiling A A A
Aqueous Solution 10% 70 B* A* B
Antiseptic Solution 1-500 70 A A N
Chloracetic Acid 70 C B C
Chlorbenzol (Pure, Dry) 70 A A A
Chloric Acid 70 C C C
Chlorinated Water
Saturated 70 C B* C
Chlorine Gas
Dry Gas 70 B B B
Moist Gas 70 C C C
Chloroform (Dry) 70 A A A
Chromic Acid
CP 10% 70 A A A
CP 10% Boiling B A C
CP 50% Boiling B B C
Chromic Acid
50% Commercial 70 A A N
50% Commercial Boiling C C C
Chromium Plating Bath 70 A A N
Cider 70 A A A
Citric Acid
10% 70 A A A
25% 70 A A A
50% 70 A A N
10% Boiling A A B
25% Boiling C A N
50% Boiling C A N
Coca-Cola Syrup 70 A A A
Coffee Boiling A A A
Copper Acetate
Saturated 70 A A A
Copper Carbonate
Saturated Solution in 50% NH4OH A A A
Copper Chloride
1% Aerated 70 A* A* A*
5% Aerated 70 C B* C
Copper Cyanide
Saturated Boiling A A A
Copper Nitrate
5% 70 A A A
50% Boiling A A N
Copper Sulphate  
5% Aerated 70 A A A
50% Boiling A A N
Creosote (Coal Tar) Hot A A A
Cyanogen Gas 70 A A N
Resistance of Nickel and High Nickel Alloys to Corrosion Chlorine
Detailed Physical,Electrical and Thermal Properties of Stainless Steel Weaving Wire
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