US Wire and Woven Wire Standards
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The wire and wire cloth standards listed below are relied upon by purchasers and end users who require dimensionally accurate weaves of consistent quality for the applications or products which they are utilized in.
Wire, wire cloth and/or wire mesh producers and suppliers comply with the applicable standards to assure their customers that the products they purchase are produced  according to the standards as required and specified by the customer.
The standards shown below all originated in North America although other standards which are equally important, especially those established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), are listed on the next page.
Organization Document #  Title of Document
ASTM A240/A240M Heat Resistant Chrome & Chrome/Nickel Stainless
SAE AMS 4730G-2008 Nickel-Copper Alloy Wire, Corrosion Resistant, 67Ni 31Cu, Annealed (400)
SAE AMS 5687M-2002 Nickel Alloy, Corrosion and Heat Resistant, Wire 74Ni 15.5Cr 8.0Fe, Annealed
SAE AMS 5961A-2002 Nickel Alloy, Corrosion and Heat Resistant, Wire 74Ni 15.5Cr 8.0Fe Cold Reduced, Spring Temper
ASTM A276 Stainless Steel Bars and Shapes
ASTM A478-97 Specification for Chromium-Nickel Stainless Steel Weaving Wire
ASTM A555/A555M05 Specification for General Requirements, Stainless Steel Wire & Rods
ASTM A740-98 Hardware Cloth (Woven or Welded) Galvanized Steel Wire Fabric
ASTM A740-98(2008) Standard Specification for Hardware Cloth (Woven or Welded Galvanized Steel Wire Fabric)
ASTM A853 Steel Wire, Carbon For General Use
ASTM B1 Standard For Hard Drawn Copper Wire
ASTM B134 Standard For Brass Wire
ASTM B159 Standard For Phosphor Bronze Wire
ASTM B164 Standard for Nickel-Copper, Rod, Bar and Wire
ASTM B211 Standard For Aluminum, Rod, Bar and Wire
ASTM E11 Wire Cloth & Sieves For Testing Purposes
ASTM E11-01 (CFR Standard Specification for Wire Cloth and Sieves for Testing Purposes
ASTM E11-09e1 Standard Specification for Wire Cloth and Sieves for Testing Purposes
ASTM E437 Industrial Wire Cloth & Screens With Square Openings  (Obsolete)
ASTM E29.01 Standard For Sieves, Sieving  Methods, and Screening Media
ASTM E-2016-99 Standard Specification,  Industrial Woven Wire Cloth (Sq. Openings.)
ASTM E2016-11 Standard Specification for Industrial Woven Wire Cloth
ASTM E2814-11 Standard Guide for Industrial Woven Wire Filter Cloth
ANSI AWCI-01 Standard Specification for Industrial Wire Cloth
C.S. A-A-1035A Wire Fabric, Industrial
F.S. 368A Quality Control System Requirements
F.S. MIL-I-45208A Inspection System Requirements
F.S. MIL-Q-9858A Quality Program Requirements
F.S. MIL-STD-105E Sampling Procedures / Table Inspection By Attributes
C.S. A-A10377B Replaced By ANSI/AWCI-01 1992 Wire Fabric, Industrial
F.S. QQ-A-200E Aluminum Alloy, Bar, Rod, Tube & Wire Extruded
F.S. QQ-W-423B Wire, Steel, Corrosion Resisting
F.S. RR-W-360A Wire Fabric, Industrial   (Obsolete)
F.S. RR-W-365A Wire Fabric, Insect Screening
F.S. RR-W-370B Wire Fabric, Steel, Hot Dipped Galvanized
F.S. RR-W-375A Wire Fabric, Steel, Welded (For Concrete)
"AMS" Aerospace Material Standards (see SAE)  "ASTM" American Society of Testing and Materials    
 "ANSI" American National Standards Institute   "SAE" Society of Automotive Engineers
"CS"  Commercial Standards    "FS"  Federal Standards
To view additional weaving wire and wire cloth Asian, European and ISO standards please click here.
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