Electromagnetic Energy   Induction (EMI)
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Electromagnetic Iinterference
Electromagnetic interference is a disturbance that affects an electrical circuit due to either electromagnetic induction or electromagnetic radiation emitted from an external source. The disturbance may obstruct, degrade or reduce the effective performance of the circuit. The source may artificial or natural, capable of producing rapidly changing electrical currents, such as an electrical circuit, the Sun or the Northern Lights.
EMI can be intentionally used for radio jamming, as in some forms of electronic warfare, or may occur unintentionally, resulting from spurious emissions such as intermodulation distortion (IMD) devices. It typically affects the reception of AM radio,  Cell Phones, FM radio and Television reception.
EMI or RFI are generally categorized as either "Narrowband" or "Broadband"
Narrowband interference usually arises from intentional transmissions such as radio, TV, Cell Phone and Pager transmitters.
Broadband interference typically results from incidental radio frequency emitters such as electrical transmission lines, electric motors, welders, thermostats and even insect zappers. Applications where electrical power is cycled on and off rapidly is a potential source. The spectra of these sources generally resemble that of synchrotron sources, stronger at low frequencies and diminishing at higher frequencies, though this noise is often modulated, or varied, by the creating device in some way. Included in this category are computers and other digital equipment as well as televisions. The rich harmonic content of these devices means that they can interfere over a very broad spectrum. Characteristic of broadband RFI is an inability to filter it effectively once it has entered the receiver chain.
Conducted electromagnetic interference is caused by the physical contact of the conductors as opposed to radiated EMI which is caused by induction (without physical contact of the conductors). Electromagnetic disturbances in the EM field of a conductor will no longer be confined to the surface of the conductor and will radiate away from it. This persists in all conductors and mutual inductance between two radiated electromagnetic fields will result in EMI.
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