The Complete Woven Wire Cloth Glossary
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absolute micron retention( See Micronic Filter Cloth )
In both types of dutch weave the sum derived from multiplying the number of weft wires in a given measurement by their diameter, results, in theory, in a specification with no open space. Because the wires are driven together during the weaving process, the aperture size cannot be calculated in the normal manner.
There are two methods by which the aperture size can be determined: bubble point testing and glass bead testing.   See-"bubble point test"   See-"glass bead test"
ACS (See American Chemical Society)
AICHE ( See American Institute of Chemical Engineers )
AIME (See American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers )
angle insert
Steel (or Stainless Steel) angular shape welded or otherwise fastened to a screens formed tensioning hook for reinforcing purposes.
A heat-treating process in which the steel is heated to some elevated temperature, usually at or near the critical range and held at this temperature for a period of time, then cooled, usually at a slow rate.
Annealing is employed (1) to soften steel for secondary machining or forming processes; (2) to alter ductility, toughness, electrical or magnetic characteristics or other physical properties; (3) to refine the crystal structure; (4) to produce grain reorientation; or (5) to relieve stresses and hardness resulting from weaving (cold working).
annealed after
Wire cloth or wire mesh which is annealed after the weaving process.
annealed before
See-"annealed wire".
annealed wire
Wire which has been cold-drawn to reduce its diameter is often annealed to reduce strength and increase elongation to facilitate weaving.
ANSI (See American National Standards Institute )
aperture ( See Aperture Formulas )
The clear opening between wires on a wire mesh screening surface.
API (See American Petroleum Institute )
ARI (See Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute )
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