Woven Wire Product Specifications
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Guide to Understanding "Woven Wire Product Specifications"
   The word specification is defined as "to state explicitly or in detail" or "to be specific".
  Screen Technology Group has published over 1,200 catalog products, all of which are well described among our extensive library of 28 Primary Product Specification Groups. These groups are all accessible from our Wire Cloth Products page.
  Each type (or class) of Specification Group is accessible from the Woven Wire Cloth Products page. Each product specification group is provided with a brief description of the group and a link that will deliver you to the Product Specification Group page
  The Specification Group pages usually provide descriptive information most relevant to the individual Group and a table listing all the individual specifications residing within the product group.

The table listings provided for each group may list as few as three or up to more than three hundred product specifications

Data Sheet Mesh Opening Size Wire Diameter Open Area
T-304 T-316 Count Inch mm Inch mm
PDS PDS 14 Mesh 0.0624" 1.58 0.009" 0.229 76.4%
PDS PDS 16 Mesh 0.0535" 1.359 0.009" 0.229 73.3%
PDS PDS 18 Mesh 0.0466" 1.184 0.009" 0.229 70.2%
PDS PDS 20 Mesh 0.0410" 1.041 0.009" 0.229 67.2%
  A typical Product Specification Group table shown above, was copied from the Bolting Grade product page. The  information provided within the table includes the basic essentials of any woven wire product including the Mesh Count, Opening Size, Wire Diameter and percent of Open Area.
  Instructions provided directly above the product table advise the viewer of the page " To access more detailed information on any of the specifications listed below 'right' click on the adjacent PDS link (select according to desired material type, either T-304 or T-316) to access the printable Product Data Sheet".
  The partial table shown is fully functional which provides the opportunity to investigate what the PDS Data Sheet links reveal which is the fully detailed product description. To reveal the true extent of disclosure, choose (left click) any of the PDS hyperlinks. A reviewing and/or printing the information, to return to this page left click on your browsers 'Go Back One Page' button. 
  For the purpose of discussion the Product selected to view the PDS data sheet was the 14 Mesh,  Opening Size, 0.0624"  Wire Diameter:.0.009" The Data Sheet T-304 PDS was selected
  The viewed PDS data sheet provided the following information:
    Product Group: Tensile Bolting Cloth
                          P/N: 14x14-0.009-T-304 BC
          Mesh Count: 14 x 14                                          Tolerance: Warp +/- 2% Shute +/- 5%
              C-C-Pitch: 0.0714" (1.81428mm)
      Wire Diameter: 0.009" (0.2288 mm)                     Tolerance: +/- 0.0003" (0.008mm)
  Total Thickness: 0.018" (0.4572mm)  
                 Material: T-304 Stainless Steel       (Quality) Standard: ASTM A555-79
         Weave Type: Plain Weave                      (Quality) Standard: ASTM E 2016-06
       Opening Size: 0.06243"                                                  Across Diagonal: 0.0882873304"
                                   1.58569mm                                                                             2.2424981915mm
              Perimeter: 0.24971"                                               Open Area Per s/ft: 109.9981321"
                                   6.34274mm                                                                               2783.952836mm
  Area of Opening: 0.0038973265"  (0.09899mm)        Openings Per Sq/In:196
            Open Area: 76.4%                                                     Wire Surface Area: 23.6%
                   Weight: 0.076 lbs/sf                   0.371 Kg/sq M
                                                               Supply Criteria
  Full Roll Length: 100 Feet  (30.48M)                      Length Tolerance: +/- 10%
  Std. Roll Widths: 48" -  60"                                         Width Tolerance: +/- 1/8"  (3.18mm)
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