Determine Screen Camber
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If unbalanced warp tensions exist in a woven wire screen, that screen will usually assume a "crescent" or "banana" shape when laid flat upon a horizontal surface.  This deviation from a straight line is hereby defined as "camber."

To measure screen camber, it is recommended that the screen be unrolled on a flat surface. Next, one end of the screen should be grasped (and one end only), then tensioned in a straight line for some distance to relax stresses imparted by handling and shipping.   At this point, the screen should lie flat.  Unequal and unresolved warp tensions in the screen will cause it to assume a "crescent" or "banana" shape.
Camber is measured by drawing a taut line along one edge of the screen (inward camber edge) and measuring maximum deviation from that taut line to the screen at the center point of that line. 

Compute percent camber as follows:


% Camber =(Maximum Deviation)   /   (Length of Screen) x 100


Currently, there is no accepted Camber standard in the U.S. market.  For a maximum acceptable camber relative to a given screen specification, please contact your screen manufacturer.

Camber can be instilled into a screen during the slitting operation if one of the slitting knives is dull.  A dull slitting knife will tear the fill wires (crosswise or "shute" wires) rather than cut them.  (While the screen is in roll form, the side of the screen which has gone through the dull knife will exhibit a "ragged" appearance due to the torn/stretched fill wires.)  Usually, this type of camber will be less than 1/2 of 1% and can be pulled out handily when the screen is properly tensioned.
Skew  (Bow)

The fill wires (horizontal wires) in the screen will usually lie along the perpendicular to the screen center line.  Any deviation from this perpendicular by the fill wires is hereby defined as "skew" or "bow."

A skewed pick in a plain (or square), weave is cause for concern since it is generally indicative of unbalanced warp tensions and will usually go hand-in-hand with a significant camber.
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