Tips on Selecting Wire Cloth Specifications
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Applications requiring wire cloth or screen panels as an element of the manufacturing process, or, when wire cloth is incorporated into a manufactured product, profitability may depend upon the screen specifications.
The metal composition or alloy selection will determine the screens ability to resist abrasion or corrosion, withstand elevated temperatures or perform under adverse or special circumstances.
Mesh -or- Opening
The mesh count (number of openings per linear inch) or the desired opening (clear space between adjacent parallel wires) should be determined by considering the factors of required opening size and screen open area.
Open Area
When screening, sizing, sorting or sifting material, the amount of available "Open Area" of the wire cloth or screen is a significant factor in obtaining optimum screening efficiency.
The relationship between "open area" and "wire diameter" determines the screening efficiency and the screen wear life.
A smaller wire diameter provides greater open area, providing increased throughput over a reduced screen life.
A larger wire diameter in relation to the opening size typically  provides longer screen life, although open area is reduced proportionately.
To obtain optimum screening efficiency, balance the factor of open area against the wire diameter that will provide adequate life.
Roll Length
The standard woven wire roll length is 100' (30.48 m) although shorter or longer rolls can be provided.
If you prefer, wire cloth can be provided in panels rather than in roll form. Panels may be produced by cutting existing roll stock to the desired length or cut to length during the weaving process.
Roll Width
Standard roll widths are 36" 48" and 60".
Wider specifications may be woven to order.
Narrower specifications may be slit directly on the loom or as a secondary operation from existing roll stock.
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