Woven Wire Cloth and Wire Mesh Products
Product Group:  Micronic Filter Cloth
Trade Name:  30 x 360 TDW Micronic Filter Cloth
P/N:  30X360-0-0098-0-006-T-304-TDW

Warp Mesh Count:   30 Tolerance:  +/- 2% 
C-C Pitch:   0.0333"  (0.84667mm)
Wire Diameter:   0.0098"    Tolerance:  +/- 0.0003" 
  0.1778mm   +/-0.008mm
Weft Mesh Count:   360 Tolerance:  +/- 4% 
C-C Pitch:   0.002778"  (0.070556mm)
Wire Diameter:   0.006"    Tolerance:  +/- 0.0002" 
  0.1524mm   +/-0.005mm
Total Thickness:   0.022" (0.550mm)
Material:   T-304 Stainless Steel Standard:  ASTM A555-79
Weave Type:   Twill Dutch Weave  Standard:  ASTM E2016-06
 Nominal Retention:  80 Microns   Absolute Retention:  95-106 Microns
 0.00315"   0.0039567" (100.5 Mic)

Weight:   0.510 lbs/sq.ft.   2.49 kg/sq. m
Supply Criteria
Full Roll Length:  100 Feet (30.48M) Length Tolerance:  +/- 10%
Std. Roll Widths:   48" - 60" Width Tolerance:  +/- 1/16" (1.6mm)
Custom Widths:   Slit According To Customer Requirements
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