Woven Wire Cloth Vibrating Screens

It pays to control your cost of material screening by using proper screen installation and maintenance procedures.

Screen Technology Group can assist by providing high quality wire cloth, designed for the type of screening you do.

You can dramatically increase the life of your screens, control costs, and do a more efficient job of material screening by following these steps.

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Screen Installation

1. Channel rubber or crown bar rubber must be replaced before new screens  are installed to assure longer screen life.

2. Use new tension bolts and tension all bolts equally on both sides of the deck.

3. Screens should be centered on the deck before clamping rails are applied.

4. Make certain butted screen panels are tight together to avoid oversized material leakage.

5. Clamping rails must be the exact length of the screen panel being installed.      

Never overlap clamping rails.

6. After 4 to 8 hours of operation, retighten the screen to take up any stretch that might have occurred.

Screen Maintenance

1. Inspect all clamping bars for corrosion and wear.

2. Inspect all nuts and bolts.

3. Maintain the support deck.

4. Change your channel rubber frequently.

5. Check cushion and spread of material feed.

  • Material should be spread out to feed evenly over the entire screening surface for maximum screen life and production.

This also reduces uneven wear as the vibrator is operating in a more balanced condition.

6. Inspect equipment for balance and excessive vibration.

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