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A Complete Selection of Quality Woven Wire Insect Screening
Insect screen specifications are available in several materials and aperture openings.  When selecting, be sure to consider the size of insects to be excluded, as well as the ease of installation, the potential of abuse or accidental damage, environmental considerations, the desired life expectancy and aesthetics.
Regardless of the type of Insect Screening material you choose, in order to benefit from the maximum life expectancy, provide a clear unobstructed view of the outside world and maintain proper ventilation you should follow the recommended maintenance procedures. Provided here.
Aluminum Insect Screens
Aluminum insect screening is more expensive than fiberglass but much more durable.
Attic, Soffit & Ground Ventilation Screens
Soffit, Gable and Roof Vent Screening is a common woven wire cloth "exclusion" application.  A well-ventilated attic keeps the building more comfortable in summer and guards against moist, heated air building up in winter.
Bronze Insect Screens
Bronze is very durable, attractive and long lasting. Bronze screens are a popular choice for ocean front properties.
Copper Insect Screens
Commercially Pure Copper Insect Screen is another good choice for ocean front homes, due as it is resistance to atmospheric corrosion, salt air and brine. 
Galvanized Steel Insect Screens
Galvanized Steel insect and fly (flying insect) screening is suitable for applications requiring durability when appearance is not a major factor.
Greenhouse Screens
Resistance to pesticides has made insect control a real challenge in commercial greenhouse operations. Western Flower Thrips, Silver Leaf Whiteflies and Aphids  have the potential to destroy inventories and long trusted reputations.
Small Opening Insect Screens
When selecting the opening specification one very important aspect should be considered, the 'Diagonal' length of the opening.  The diagonal length is considerably larger than the width.
Stainless Steel Insect Screens
This specification group is among the most durable insect screening available. With proper maintenance stainless steel screens will last a lifetime in most applications.
No-See-Em's and Biting Midge Insect Screens
These specifications are recommended for very small flying pests. Far superior to fiberglass, plastic, polyester, nylon and other synthetics our screens are precision woven in high strength Stainless Steel.
Stainless Steel Insect and Golf Ball Screens
High Strength Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Insect Screens will stop the golf ball before it reaches the glass.
Laboratory Containment Screens
These screens are especially well suited for laboratory research work, a favorite of Entomologists interested in keeping their insects securely contained, alive and healthy.
Termite Barrier Screens
The screen provides a physical barrier subterranean insects can not fit through, preventing entry without requiring the use of any chemicals or toxic substances.
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